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Volume I

Volume II

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Welcome to Cauldron! Respite from the humid jungle, beacon of civilization in an untamed land.

Greetings weary traveler!

I am Noldo Scamander, Lightfoot Hin of the Scamander family of Luiren to the east. Welcome to Cauldron, small volcanic gem in the emerald expanse of the Chultan Peninsula. I am by no means an expert on the area but I hope to provide some helpful information to the newcomer. Contained in the following volumes is some information concerning Cauldron, the Chultan Peninsula and its place in Greater Toril as we know it. I can not claim that what you now have in your possession is a complete work, yet it does help to put the town of Cauldron in the context of the world at large.

That is of course only half of what I am presenting here. This is a chronicle of The Chultan Exploration Society , a newly founded merchant venture here in Cauldron. I have been hired by the consortium to record their exploits. Naturally this ties directly into the first half of these volumes. Many have come from all over Faerun and farther and ended up here in Cauldron and also in the employ of the Chultan Exploration Society and that is why I have been commissioned to provide a primer to those members new to the area.

In closing and at the prompting of the Chultan Exploration Society, I bid you a thorough reading, quick wits, and good luck. May Tymora look upon all that you do. Without further ado may I present, The Obliging Articles on Chult and its Surrounds.

Afterwards, also of note I have included these handy traveling journals for your personal use. Enjoy.
Volume I

Volume II

Noldo Scamander, Traveled Scholar, Sage and brewmaster

The Shackled City of Chult

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