Southwest Faerûn



This region of dense jungles lies at the western edge of the Chultan peninsula, where the Shining Sea joins the oceans to the west. It is a swamp-filled land with wild beasts, swamps and tribes of near-savages.

The East


Along the eastern shores of the Shining Sea is this confederation of city-states ruled by hereditary leaders. The people are hard-working folk yet somewhat barbaric who take honor and proper behavior very seriously. Duels are common, as are feuds between families. Each of the cities in this land has a different patron deity and the city-folk will worship that one deity above all others.


A secretive land at the eastern edge of the jungles of Chult about which little is known. They are relatively isolated from the other parts of the peninsula by a ring of mountains, and take pains to hide themselves with illusion and deception.


A coastal nation on the southern shore of the Shining Sea, this is a land of merchants, wealth and craftsmen that dwell at the edge of the Black Jungle to the south. The capital city is the port of Tashluta.5 The nearby waters are protected by a strong fleet of ships.[citation needed] Infiltrating Tashalar’s cities and living in the surrounding jungles are yuan-ti and other serpentfolk.


This is a region of grasslands, hills and a bay to the south that nearly divides the land in two.[citation needed] The plains are home to fleet-footed tribes of humans and clans of dwarves dwell and labor in the mountains that border this area.


Along the southern shores of the continent is this dire nation of enslaved humans commanded by half-elf descendants of the Drow. Its northern borders lie along the Forest of Amtar, beyond the Gnollwatch Mountains. Much of the shore lies along the Bay of Dancing Dolphins, which is enclosed by a peninsula and is open to the east. The capital city is Cathyr.


Surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and the Great Sea along the south is this mysterious, quiet and wealthy nation of insular wizards, descending from Netherese refugees. The nation is divided into sections by three rivers that meet at Lake Halruaa in the center. The small capital city of Halarahh lies along the northern shore of this body of water.


This is a merchant kingdom to the southeast of Veldorn, and is separated from Estagund by the Gurna mountains. This nation follows the shores of the bay known as the Golden Water, with the capital port city of Vaelan near the western extreme.2


This nation lies to the east of Luiren, and is closely tied to Durpar and Var the Golden to the east. It is led by a militant class of nobility, but it is as much a merchant nation as Durpar. The capital city of Chavyondat is a port on a bay of the southern coast.


An anomaly among the nations of Faerûn, this is the only land ruled by the halflings. It is located along the eastern border of Dambrath, and is separated from the Shaar by the Toadsquat mountain range. Much of the breadth of the country south of the mountains is occupied by the Lluirwood forest. The plains of Luiren contain productive farmland, and the crops are traded with the Dwarves of the Great Rift to the northwest. The capital city of Beluir lies along the coast, in the Luirenstrand bay

The West


This island nation lies far to the west of Calimshan, and to the northwest of the Jungles of Chult. It is a land of strange devices, wonderous machines, and many new forms of technology little seen on the mainland. The Lantan people use technology the way that other lands employ magic.


This is a remote, pleasant island that lies to the southwest of Lantan. It is notable for its powerful wizards and pegasus-mounted knights.

The North


This is a nation with an ancient flavor, being formed from an empire of genies.[citation needed] It lies along the north coast of the Shining Sea, to the south of Tethyr. The dominant features are the Calim desert in the west, the Marching Mountains in the north, and monster-infested Forest of Mir to the east. The far eastern border is formed by the Alamir Mountains on the western edge of the Lake of Steam. The capital city is Calimport, a large port at the south edge of the Calim Desert.


A land of merchants that lies to the north of Tethyr along the Sword Coast, this region is a fertile plain between mountain ranges to the north and south. The northern border is formed by the Cloud Peaks and the Snakewood forest. To the south is the evil humanoid-infested mountain range called the Small Teeth. The capital city of Athkatla is a port along the coast. Much of the trade in the country is carried by a series of rivers.


This is a feudal monarchy bordered on the north by Amn and to the south by Calimshan. The northern half of the country is dominated by the Wealdath forest, home to tribes of Elves and various fey. This is bordered on the south by the Starspire Mountains. In the south is the River Ith plain with the capital city of Darromar.

Border Kingdoms

This area is located along the southeastern shore of the Lake of Steam, and north of Lapaliiya and the Shaar. It is a land of unstable kingdoms that rise and fall all too frequently. Despite the turbulent politics and struggles for power, the hardy locals manage to survive and go about their lives although they could by no means be considered prosperous.

Southwest Faerûn

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