Regional Timeline Part 2

A Brief History of the Realms

Second Scroll
This second group of dates spans the time between the start of Dale Reckoning and what some sages consider the start of the modern age. Dating back some 350 years is what some believe the start of the modern age. I am uncertain by what standard this is decided but I have broken it up this way.
-Noldo Scamander

5 DR Year of the Clutched Emerald
The syl-pasha of Calimshan establishes gates between various sites in Calimport and his new imperial capital rising at Shoonach.

10 DR to 20 DR
During this time, Tashalarans overthrow their yuan-ti satrap and drive the Se’Sehen tribe from the Tashalar.

10 DR Year of Dreams
The realm of Serpentes [–189, 34] goes into rapid decline when its emperor Sseth vanishes beneath the Peaks of Flame. The once-allied yuan-ti tribes begin to feud over the succession.
-Ss’inthee’ssaree, capital city of Serpentes, falls into ruin.
-The Netheril region becomes known as the Great Desert of Anauroch.

15 DR Year of Glittering Glory
King Amahl II of Tethyr dies and is succeeded by his only son, King Amahl III. The syl-pasha moves his court and much of Calimshan’s power to Shoonach. Since Calimport remains the primary port for his empire even though it is no longer his capital, Syl-Pasha Akkabar Shoon establishes a tightly controlled puppet dynasty on the caleph’s throne.

20 DR Year of the Fallen Fury
The human Calendar of Harptos adopts the elf holiday of Cinnaelos’Cor(The Day of Corellon’s Peace) and renames it Shieldmeet, celebrating it every four years since.
-Iljak, the first major trade city of the Vilhon Reach, is founded, marking the end of the large-scale Jhaamdathan exodus and the beginning of efforts to build a human realm along the shores of the region.

27 DR Year of Shadowed Blades
Syl-Pasha Akkabar dies mysteriously, and Amahl III rules both Calimshan and Tethyr. Abandoning the old titles, Amahl crowns himself qysar (emperor) over both, joining them as the Shoon Imperium. The qysar places his brother-in-law, Rahman Cormal, on Tethyr’s throne, beginning the Cormal Dynasty of Tethyr.
-Start of the Sixth Age of Calimshan, also known as the Age of Shoon.

29 DR Year of Carved Cliffs
Narubel, the City of Seasnakes, is founded by Tashlutan merchants seeking to plunder the Jungles of Chult.

34 DR Year of Purloined Power
The Oligarchs of Tashluta proclaim the Confederation of Tashtan and claim dominion from the town of Narubel to the Sheir Peninsula, plus all the Shining Sea coastal lands in between. With the decline of Serpentes [ 10], the humans of the Tashalar succeed in driving off the yuan-ti of the Se’Sehen tribe and after a ten-year war proclaim the Confederation of Tashtan. They claim dominion from the town of Narubel to the Sheir Peninsula, plus all the Shining Sea coastal lands in between including Lapaliiya [–304, 285]. The diverse humans living in these areas become known collectively as the Tashalans.
— A Talfirian bard named Verraketh Talember discovers the Shadowstar, a mysterious artifact that fell like a shooting star into the High Moor. While the artifact slowly transformed him into the Shadowking [ 89], Verraketh gathered an army of shadow-spinners and began forcibly assimilating the Netherese and Talfirian realms of the Chionthar river valley into the empire of Ebenfar.

37 DR Year of Dark Venom
Five tidal waves strike Calimshan, destroying between one-third and two-thirds of each of the five port cities of the nation.
This very same natural disaster also had significant impact on the Confederation of Tashtan, a family of coopers in Narubel confirmed this when they found records in their stores concerning the floods.

61 DR Year of the Branded Mage
Qysar Shoon I decrees the establishment of the Wizards’ Consortiums of all the cities of his realm, at which attendance is mandatory for all wizards. Those who resist are slain, and soon Shoon I knows of nearly every mage within his domain, which allows him better control over such forces.

77 DR Year of the Quivering Mountains
A volcanic eruption creates the Emerald Crater in the Peaks of Flame, making it a place sacred to the wild dwarves of the region. The emerald great wyrm Esmerandanna claims the Emerald Crater as her home and becomes known as the Resplendent Queen.

107 DR Year of the Fledglings
Qysar Shoon II dies and is succeeded by his first grandnephew, Qysar Shoon III. Hazamir el Aktorral, Syl-Pasha of Calimshan, is made riqysar (regent emperor). Riqysar Aktorral moves some of the court back to Calimport and the surroundings he trusts rather than live in Shoonach.

116 DR Year of the Mortal Promise
The settlement of Shoun is founded in Luiren.

123 DR Year of the Icy Axe
With the death of el Aktorral this year, all governmental control of Calimshan and the Imperium moves to Shoonach until the fall of the Imperium. Calimport becomes merely the largest port, and its northern quarters become more and more deserted.

125 DR Year of the Ironwood
The city of Ormath is established in the Shining Plains. A new trade road, the Pikemen’s Folly, is built between Ormath and Hlondeth.

128 DR Year of the Addled Arcanist
The Raurinese wizard Hilather [–2488, 132], after millennia trapped in temporal stasis, begins to explore Faerûn. He is hired by the Imperial Court to develop a more secure means of binding fiends to the will of their summoners. He establishes himself in an abandoned tower in the remote emirate of Torsil, which lies along the Sword Coast between the Cloud Peaks and Candlekeep.

132 DR Year of Thirteen Prides Lost
The wizards of the Circle of Flames in Cormanthor begin to record the Scrolls Ardentym this year. [ 656]
-Dempster Turmish declares himself mayor of Alaghôn.
-The city of Mimph is established to the west of Arrabar.
-Hilather [ 128, 150] presents thirteen Demonshields [ 1266] to Qysar Ahahl Shoon IV [ 236] and then vanishes.

135 DR Year of the Halfling’s Dale
Military forces from Arrabar sack Mimph.

142 DR Year of the Prowling Naga
Beholder clans descend from the Curnas and conquer Assur, enslaving the humans and establishing themselves as princes.

143 DR Year of the Smiling Princess
Durpari forces unsuccessfully attempt to free Assur from the clutches of the beholder princes. [ 212]

147 DR Year of the Iron Colossus
Assurian beholder princes conquer Vaelantar and Ormpé. Veldorn is referred to as the Land of Monsters by Maharajah Waileen I.

148 DR Year of the Blue Ice
Merrow from the Mortik Swamp attack the town of Chethel in Luiren. Half the town is destroyed before the halflings drive the merrow away.

153 DR Year of the Wolfstone
Several demons appear in Ormpé and defeat the beholder princes in a battle for control of the city.

173 DR Year of Screaming Sharn
Several followers of Leira, dissatisfied with the stranglehold that worshipers of Mystra and Azuth have gained over the Council of Elders, depart Halruaa in skyships. These wizard lords eventually settle on the island of Nimbral. Though the Nimbrans are Halruaan by blood, they are a distinct culture separated from their kin by many miles of ocean.

202 DR Year of the Fanged Gauntlet
The War of Claws: Prompted by the demon lord Eltab [ 106, 922], the realm of Eltabranar invades Mulhorand and Unther and continues to raid cities and towns in both realms for the next two years.

204 DR Year of the Avarice
End of the War of Claws as Eltabranar is defeated by the forces of Mulhorand led by an incarnation of Anhur wielding the legendary blade Hadryllis. The demon lord Eltab is defeated and imprisoned in a demoncyst beneath what is now Thaymount in present-day Thay.

211 DR Year of Spoiled Splendors
The four tribes of Arkaiun barbarians flee the Council Hills region ahead of invading Untheric and Mulhorandi armies and migrate southwest. They roam the grasslands along the southern coast of Faerûn, eventually settling along the coast of the Bay of Dancing Dolphins.

212 DR Year of the Awakening Magic
Durpar makes a second attempt to free the coastal cities of Veldorn from monster influence and is again repulsed. [ 143]

230 DR Year of the Wailing Dryads
The realm of Tathtar on the Deepwash seeks to expand its territory into the weak eastern areas of Tethyr, coming into conflict with the Shoon Imperium.

236 DR Year of the Plague Clouds
In a secret meeting, Iryklathagra [ 150, 245] and Shoon IV [132, 322] plot the destruction of Rhimnasarl the Shining, a great silver dragon of the Marching Mountains who has long opposed the oppressive rule of the Shoon. After the death of Rhimnasarl, the qysar betrays Iryklathagra, keeping the silver dragon’s hoard. In reaction to this event, Iryklathagra establishes a secret lair of her own elsewhere in the Marching Mountains and set about building its defenses.

240 DR Year of the Chosen
Peace treaties are established between the Shoon Imperium and Tathtar, ending the conflict between them.

245 DR Year of the Dun Dragon
The city of Vaelan [–241, 1043] is overwhelmed by werecreatures led by a wererat prince. Thousands of refugees continue to flee to Durpar to avoid the monster incursions. -Iryklathagra [ 236, 322] launches a reign of terror on the lands surrounding her lair that bedevil a succession of qysars.

257 DR Year of the Speaking Mountain
Mount Ugruth [ 1359], the long-smoldering volcano looming over the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach, erupts, covering the area with ash for nearly the whole year. The resultant unrest leads to the fall of the ruling House Gestin.

285 DR Year of Wasteful Pride
The Shoon Imperium seizes control of Lapaliiya [ 34, 656], though the region’s cities remain effectively independent during the reign of Qysara Shoon V.
- A failed uprising in Untisczer leads the Shoon Imperium to launch the long-planned Tashalar Campaigns. After destroying Untisczer in a show of imperial might, the qysara’s troops quickly install military governors in every city along the Tashtan coast.
-Anthilar [ 1056], the legendary Archmage of Untisczer, flees the destruction of his city by the Shoon Imperium and flees to a secret lair in the mountains west of the Tashan Gap. There he becomes a lich, working in secret to control the merchants of Tashluta.
-The reach of the Shoon Imperium extends westward into the savage land of Thindol. Conflicts with the lizardfolk of the region sharply reduce their number on the central Chultan Peninsula.

293 DR Year of Hounds
The Thinguth are liberated when soldiers of the Shoon Empire defeat the lizardfolk tribes.
-Upper Tathtar is overrun and destroyed by an orc horde led by the chieftain Thaurgarl “Greatmaw.” Only Lower Tathtar survives the collapse.

300 DR Year of the Late Sun
By the death of Q ysara Shoon V, Shoon satraps rule greater Thindol, the Tashalar, the cities of Lapaliiya, and all the major settlements of the Shaar as far east as the Landrise.
-The bardic college Academia Vilhonus is founded and starts the Turmish custom of painting dots on the foreheads of learned men.

314 DR Year of the Stammering Apprentice
The trade city of Shantil (present-day Cathyr) is founded in Dambrath.

316 DR Year of the Vibrant Land
The city of Khôltar is founded by the dwarves of the Great Rift [–1250, 1369] to facilitate trade with the humans of the Shaar.
Having had the pleasure of traveling to this city in my youth, if one gets the chance I highly recommend the Wide Rift Ale brewed locally.

320 DR Year of the Bright Plumage
The Infernal Death: A plague characterized by mild fever and mania strikes the cities of Memnon, Teshburl, Keltar, Calimport, Myratma and Shoonach in Calimshan. Combusting corpses during the plague-filled summer lead to the Plague Fires in Calimport.

321 DR Year of the Blessed Sleep
Valashar [ 356] is added to the Shoon Empire, stretching from the headwaters of the Sulduskoon to those of the Amstel River to the north with its western border abutting the halfling realm of Meiritin. The Tethyrian prince Ashar Tornamn, fourth nephew of King Karan Tiiraklar II, is named king of this short-lived realm.

322 DR Year of Seven Scales
Iryklathagra [ 245, 358] brazenly confronts Shoon VII [ 347], the great-greatgreat-grandson of Shoon IV [ 236]. She settles onto Q ysar’s Square before the Imperial Palace in Shoonach and dares the qysar to respond to her presence. After several days of tense negotiations, the blue dragon departs peacefully with a fraction of the hoard she claims as hers. Instead of delivering the treasure, Shoon attacks the dragon, starting the Sharpfang Battles.

328 DR Year of the Ermine Cloak
The Lluirwood is separated into two parts—the Lluirwood and the Southern Lluirwood—by logging operations and a new trade road to the west.

336 DR Year of the Whipped Cur
A Halruaan wizard named Labrand comes into possession of the Crown of the Mountain. Labrand uses the ancient artifact to carve a subterranean waterway from the tip of Cape Talath to the head of the Thingulph in Thindol.

347 DR Year of the Sage’s Fervor
The scholar-mage Thealnak of Memnon creates the Codex Thealnakkar and gifts it to Qysar Shoon VII [ 322, 358]. He is in turn granted rulership of the Hakkamate of the Lake of Amin (present-day Lake Weng in Amn).

356 DR Year of the Errant Kings
After thirty-five years of expansion under King Ashar, Valashar [ 321, 358] (and the Shoon Empire) stretches as far north as the Troll Mountains and the High Moor. Responding to the claim of northern lands by King Ashar and the expansion toward Cormyr’s western border, King Azoun I mounts a bold campaign that swiftly crushes Valashar’s armies on the Fields of the Dead and then sacks numerous garrisons and the city of Ithmong. The Shoon
Empire’s borders shrink back to the Giant’s Run Mountains, and Lord Tornamn is executed.

358 DR Year of the Battle Talons
Open hostilities resume between Iryklathagra [ 322, 366] and Shoon VII [ 322, 366], a battle that again visits destruction upon Valashar [ 356, 375] during a rare visit by the qysar to the periphery of his domain.

361 DR Year of the Fearless King
Both the Shoon Imperium and the Kingdom of Cormyr decide to extend their influence into the Western Heartlands.

366 DR Year of Molten Anvils
The last of the battles between Iryklathagra [ 358, 367] and Shoon VII [ 358,367] earned the dragon her common appellation “Sharpfangs,” as the blue dragon shattered and nearly bit off the qysar’s left arm and right leg during the conflict. Shoon VII and his nemesis battled in the skies over Shoonach and among the streets of the slaves’ city just outside the city center.

367 DR Year of Shying Eyes
The city of Phlan [ 400] is founded on the northern shores of the Dragons’ Sea.
-Shoon VII stages his own “death.” Feigning incapacitation stemming from his last battle with Sharpfangs [ 366, 1162], Shoon VII [ 366, 370] places his daughter Shaani on the throne and manipulates her into poisoning her apparently infirm father. Secretly immune to the poison’s effects, the former qysar is now free to research a transformation to lichdom.

370 DR Year of Sleeping Dangers
Shoon VII [ 367, 438] becomes a lich.

375 DR Year of the Woeful Resurrection
Ashar’s March: Ashar Tornamn of Valashar [ 358, 376] begins a 15-month march north along the Sword Coast and into the Western Heartlands seeking to expand the hegemony of the Shoon Imperium.
-Human Varae-worshipers from the Shining Plains come north in search of the lost city of Ss’thar’tiss’ssun. They discover an artifact created by House Orogoth that transforms them all into ophidians.

376 DR Year of the Leaping Hare
Ashar Tornamn extends the borders of Valashar [ 375, 491] and the Shoon Imperium to the High Moor by summer. Crown Prince Azoun I of Cormyr leads his army against Ashar, driving the Shoonite forces back through Amn, Tethyr, and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and returning to Cormyr.

383 DR Year of the Quelzarn
The settlement of Ammathluir is founded in Luiren.

385 DR Year of the Lady’s Gaze
The city of Hazuth is founded in Dambrath.

426 DR Year of the Black Dawn
Ongild, a Halruaan wizard of some renown, crafts a magic gem that stores spells and gives it his name. The ongild eventually winds up in the belly of a red dragon named Hoondarrh.

435 DR Year of Willing Sacrifice
Several towns along Lake Lhespen and the River Shaar rebel against their distant rulers, the Shoon.

438 DR to 440 DR
Seven Burnings Campaign: Q ysar Amahl Shoon VII [ 370, 449] dispatches seventeen troop ships to quell an uprising in the Shaar river valley. Shoon imperial troops rampage through Sheirtalar, Sheirlantar, Kormul, Lhesper, Sebben, Rethmar, and Channathgate. The campaign kills many native Shaarans and brings the western portion of the Shaar back under Shoon control. Despite bloody reprisals, the Imperium was forced to begin withdrawing from the region, and the nomads quietly returned to their previous way of life.

449 DR Year of Killing Ice
Silvyr Ithal marches to Ithmong and takes the crown as the rightful King of Tethyr, sparking rebellion in Tethyr and Amn. Silvyr is killed in combat by Amahl Shoon VII [ 438, 450].

450 DR Year of the Corrie Fist
Prince Strohm of Tethyr avenges his father by slaying Amahl Shoon VII[ 449, 1357], marking the fall of the Shoon Imperium and ending the Age of Shoon.
-The death of Q ysar Amahl VII on Midwinter and the subsequent fall of the Imperium leaves numerous folks scrambling for control of the swiftly dissolving power structures. More than seventy-five pashas, vizars, sultans, and other nobles slay each other in massive wars in the streets of every major Calishite city to see who would claim the power from the fallen qysar’s throne. Calimport fell under the rule of Syl-Pasha (former pasha of the shipwrights and harbormasters) Fahd el Daosiin.
-Ogres savaging the Lluirwood are defeated by an army of hin from Luiren at the Battle of Three Stumps.
-A quick death for the reigning viceroy of Tashluta and his haughty Shoon wife marks the Tashalans’ return to independence.
-The Thindolese achieve independence for the first time in centuries, albeit under the subtle influence of yuan-ti agents who had infiltrated the ruling corridors of power.

451 DR Year of Unleashed Fears
The last of the Shoonach imperial garrisons are driven from the Chultan Peninsula and the Shaar.

460 DR Year of Scorching Suns
The former Shoonite Western Emirate of Amin becomes the country of Amn under King Esmel, who establishes the Torlath Dynasty. Amn exists as the three major city-states of Athkatla, Crimmor, and Murann, west of Lake Esmel.

465 DR Year of Dawn Blades
Greyhawk is founded on the Chultan peninsula by northerns venturing south to stake claims in the wake of the crumbling Shoon Imperium.

467 DR Year of Four Winds
A hill giant dire wereape named Dermos the Proud [ 469] emerges from the wilderness in Dambrath, claiming to be a manifestation of Malar. Dermos develops a fanatical following and orders the slaughter of all Arkaiuns who oppose him.
-A large migrant group of Tethyrians immigate to the Moonshae Isles and settle among the Ffolk.

646 DR Year of Tormented Souls
One of the greatest wizards of the time, Surabar Spellmason, receives a vision from Nidrama, who has grown concerned about the demon infestation in the region. She gifts Surabar with a potent magic weapon named Alakast, and charges him with the task of settling the region and driving out the demonic taint in the Demonskar.

656 DR Year of Peaceful Seas
The cities of Lapaliiya [ 285, 671] unify and form the Lapal League. Once again, Sheirtalar [–569, 1147] is named its capital.
- Sasserine is founded on the Wild Coast of Chult.
- Surabar Spellmason leads a small army inland from the newly founded city of Sasserine, on the pretense of founding a new city of his own. He founds Redgorge in the shadows of a great volcano, and raises the Basalt Bastions to protect his men from attack while they begin building.

661 DR Year of the Bloody Tusk
Kozomagon Lidu, one of Surabar’s friends and competitors, arrives in the region and founds the nearby village of Liduton, intending to horn in on whatever action had enticed her friend into the region.

666 DR Year of the Stern Judgement
Surabar defeats the demon Nabthatoron in combat and breaks the back of the demon host from the Demonskar. While the place remains dangerous to this day, the demons never fully recover from this sound defeat, and have remained in the crater. During the battle against Nabthatoron, Kozomagon tries to draw upon the power of an ancient kopru necropolis she discovered on the nearby lakebed, but loses control over the necromantic energy and destroys the village of Liduton instead. The village becomes known as the Haunted Village, and is shunned from that point on.

680 DR Year of the Long March
After more than a decade, wizards of the Guild of Naturalists [ 561] piece together the clues and realize that Halaster Blackcloak [ 668,1369] has been abducting wizards all throughout Cormanthyr in retaliation for their plundering of his monsters in Undermountain. The guild mounts a rescue expedition into the dungeon, but it never returns, and the organization quietly ends its sorties into Undermountain. Attempts to dispels or destroy the portal connecting the guild’s hall with Undermountain meet with failure.
-Many human and dwarf stonemasons migrate from Myth Drannor to Hillsafar to aid that fledgling city in constructing its first encircling defensive wall.
-Chondath mercenary forces begin the long march home after ensuring the collapse of the second Untheric Empire.
- Discovery of numerous profitable mines in the Chultan jungles attracts hundreds of prospectors and adventurers. Redgorge quickly outgrows its walls. Surabar determines that the nearby volcano is extinct, and that its cauldron would make an excellent natural defense against attack from Nabthatoron’s armies. Many of Redgorge’s inhabitants relocate to this region – Cauldron is founded. Over the centuries, the discovery of many large underground complexes and caverns below the city draws the attention of dwarves and gnomes from far and wide. Two of these regions become Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress.

710 DR Year of the Toppled Throne
Drow attacks in Cormyr claim the lives of three noble families of the realm; while believed dead, most of the nobles survive as slaves in the Underdark.
-A portal to the Abyss opens above the palace of Westgate [ 616, 734], and a large host of tiefling warriors invades. The leader of the tieflings, Iyachtu Xvim the Baneson [ 734], seizes the throne of Westgate
- Surabar dies of natural causes. He is entombed in an undisclosed location. Over the next several centuries, Cauldron continues to prosper.

729 DR to 732 DR
The Triad Crusade: An army dedicated to Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater led by the paladin Sarshel Elethlim travels by sea to ravaged Impiltur and begins the Fiend Wars against the Scaled Horde.

731 DR Year of Visions
Sarshel Elethlim enters the Citadel of Conjurers and shatters the Crown of Narfell, defeating the balor Ndulu [ 786] and his demon army. End of the Fiend Wars and the Triad Crusade.
-A second flood devastates Unthalass [ 108].
-In Unther, Gilgeam claims the mountain stronghold of the slain brown dragon Vulpomyscan and renames it the Citadel of Black Ash.
-King Strohm II repulses the invading armies of Lower Tathtar, and the fallen duchy of Elestam is officially recognized as part of Tethyr.
-The Ring of Eyes, a group of beholders and beholder cultists originally from the Lake of Steam, destroys the ruling house of Cortryn and conquers its territories. The elves of Shilmista fight the Ring constantly from this year until the Ring’s end in 757 DR.

734 DR Year of the Splendid Stag
The reign of Iyachtu Xvim [ 710] comes to an abrupt end in Westgate [ 710, 1248] as he is forced by a host of mercenaries to flee the city.
-Warned by Vhaeraun, the Chaulssinyr [ 634, 792] withdraw into the Plane of Shadow. Days later, drow invaders from Menzoberranzan find the city abandoned and are forced to retreat “victorious” in the face of constant attack by monsters from the Plane of Shadow. The Chaulssinyr found the Shadow City of Chaul’mur’ssin on the Plane of Shadow.

760 DR Year of Drifting Stars
Amn conquers the former land of Cortryn, bringing its borders near their current state.
- Kingfisher Hollow and Hollowsky founded near Cauldron. The citizens hold their own against the nearby yuan-ti, and even manage to drive them back from several small encampments on the jungle’s edge.

786 DR Year of the Moaning Gorge
The Battle of Moaning Gorge: Ndulu’s army is met by the great-grandsons of King Sarshel at the mouth of a gorge that leads deep into the Earthspurs, just outside the gates of the Citadel of Conjurers. Employing three shields—Kimeltaar, Naelotaar, and Dizeltaaar—and the sword Demonbane, the Paladin Princes form a vortex portal and through it drive Ndulu [ 731] and his horde back into the Abyss. Crown Prince Essys and Prince Araln are slain in the fighting. Nord, the youngest of the three, is named crown prince and heir to the throne.

800 DR Year of the Black Fist
Mysteriously, the shields around the Academy of the Dukars in Myth Nantar [ 720] expand slowly over the years since the city’s fall to sahuagin. Now, all areas where the mythal touches are made impenetrable by all matter and magic except corals, sea stars, and fish. For the next five hundred years, folk will swim near Myth Nantar less and less frequently, given the haunting singing that seems to emanate from the mythal when it is touched.
Folklore arises noting that the city is cursed, as are the Dukars, until they perform some penance for all the races of Serôs.

802 DR Year of the Patchworked Peace
Miners digging in the Gnollwatch Mountains break through into the Underdark and discover the drow city of T’lindhet. The drow begin raiding the towns and villages of Dambrath near the mine entrance.

808 DR Year of the Crescent Moon
The drow of T’lindhet slay nearly five thousand human warriors of Dambrath at the battle of the Shadowed Vale, north of Herath.
-The Zealot Fires: The temples of Shar, Sharess, and Ibrandul in Calimport are destroyed by zealous Lathanderian priests.

817 DR Year of the Deadly Torch
More than fifteen hundred drow are slain by wild elves in the southern fringes of the Forest of Amtar(Dambrath) after retreating from a larger force of human cavalry.

819 DR Year of the Mendacious Page
Drow overrun the city of Herath in Dambrath.

822 DR Year of the Wizard’s Chalice
The city of Prastuil in Dambrath falls to the drow of T’lindhet

825 DR Year of the Silver Flagon
The drow of T’lindhet take the cities of Luenath and Maarlith in Dambrath.

827 DR Year of the Sacrificed Fortune
The wizard Omm Hlandrar of Halruaa engages a Red Wizard named Velsharoon in a spectacular magical battle in the skies over the Shaar. The contest ends in a draw

830 DR Year of the Ambitious Proposal
The drow besiege the city of Shantil in Dambrath, trapping King Reinhar IX and his army on the peninsula to the south of the city.

831 DR Year of the Deceptive Tongue
King Reinhar IX and the Arkaiun people are defeated at the Battle of Crimar by the drow forces of T’lindhet and the treachery of a force of half-elf priestesses of Loviatar, led by Cathyr. Cathyr slays King Reinhar IX personally and agrees to rule Dambrath on behalf of the drow of T’lindhet. She renames the capital city in her honor and becomes the realm’s first queen.

863 DR Year of the Wondrous Sea
The Chultan city of Mezro [–137] disappears.

880 DR Year of Unfettered Secrets
Human wizards, influenced by the fey’ri, summon the first demons to Ascalhorn[ 820, 882].

882 DR Year of the Curse
Demons and devils battle in the elf citadel of Ascalhorn [ 880, 883]. Triumphant demons stream forth, bringing about the fall of Eaerlann. Dwarves allow human refugees to settle in the surface strongholds of Citadel Sundbarr.

883 DR Year of the Giant’s Oath
Wulgreth of Ascalhorn flees Hellgate Keep [ 882, 886] and takes refuge in the ruined city of Karse [–286]. While attempting to tap the immortal power of the dead god Karsus, he is slain by his servant Jhingleshod. The magical energies unleashed upon his death create the Dire Wood and transform Wulgreth [ 820] of Ascalhorn into a lich.
-An eddy of magical chaos emanating from Hellgate Keep causes the Hall of Mists and Grandfather Tree [–2436] in the High Forest to be infested with a colony of warped, gargantuan red ants.
-Tanisell the Cloaked, a human originally from Ascalhorn [ 882, 1221], is elected High Mage of Silverymoon [ 877, 897].

886 DR Year of the Fell Firebreak
Harpers place wards around Hellgate Keep [ 883, 890] to prevent demons from using their gate abilities

887 DR Year of Fell Pearls
The first translations of ancient prophecies by the mad Sammaster [ 875,902] are distributed, including his specious work on Maglas’s Chronicle of Years to Come. Sammaster became convinced that dead dragons would one day rule Toril, a path of belief he named the Scaly Way.
-Southern pirates attack Nimoar’s Hold in force, but the Reaver’s followers beat them back three times in a row.

890 DR Year of the Burning Tree
Clymph [ 888] builds Tower Threespires in the Great Dale. Shortly thereafter, he is slain by demons in his own keep.
-The demons beneath Hellgate Keep [ 886, 912] begin tunneling to bypass the Harpers’ wards.

896 DR Year of the Empty Hand
Extensive poverty and famine from this year to 900 DR.

907 DR Year of Waiting
The upper city of Calimport is reclaimed and resettled by Mameluks [ 533] who are shut out of the power circles of Manshaka, they seek to reclaim the ruined greater city beyond the walls of the port. Primary agent in this endeavor is Vizar Bollus el Kahdan, a half-elf wizard and warrior.

911 DR Year of Ruins Reborn
The Deepblaze: At Midsummer, Vizar Bollus el Kahdan proclaims himself syl-pasha of Calimport after attempting to eliminate the powers beneath the city by filling the ancient sewers and avenues beneath the many layers of ruins and rubble with oil and setting it all afire.

912 DR Year of the Sudden Journey
Demons tunneling from under Hellgate Keep [ 890, 1221] reach the Nether Mountains.

920 DR Year of Great Riches
Balindre returns from Kara-Tur laden with silks and spices. He organizes the Royal Company of Shou Lung, obtaining a charter from Lyrabar’s ruler.

922 DR Year of the Spouting Fish
The Red Wizards [ 249, 934] of Thay, led by Ythazz Buvaar, rebel against Mulhorandi rule and sack the provincial capital at Delhumide. The conjurer Jorgmacdon summons the demon lord Eltab [202, 1367] to fight on behalf of the Red Wizards at the Battle of Thazalhar, routing the armies of Mulhorand. The realm of Thay is founded, heralding the end of the Second Mulhorand Empire.
-Crinti (half-drow) raiders from Dambrath attack Ammathlauir. The hin, led by the marchwardens, turn back the invaders after three days of fighting.

934 DR Year of Fell Wizardry
First Thayan invasion of Rashemen. The Red Wizards [ 922, 955] attempt to invade Rashemen through the Gorge of Gauros but are repelled. Thayans arrive in Escalant demanding tribute from the city

936 DR Year of the Sky Raiders
Orcfastings War: Led by Wund, the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt stream out of the Sword Mountains and attack Nimoar’s Hold, bringing an end to several small human realms clustered in the Dessarin Valley. Many refugees flee to the safety of Nimoar’s Hold, and the orcs are ultimately defeated in a series of conflicts including the Battle of Whirling Blades, the Battle of Sarcrag, the Battle of Withered Fields, the Battle of Burning Cliffs, the Battle of Westwood, and the Horderoute.
-Town of Waterdeep: In the aftermath of the Orcfastings War, Nimoar died of old age, and the mantle of “War Lord” passes to Gharl, his most accomplished general. Nimoar’s Hold grows and prospers, and the fledgling community becomes known among ship captains as the town of Waterdeep.

942 DR Year of the Circling Vulture
Drow raiders plunder cities along the Sword Coast, enslaving many humans of the Dessarin Valley. The small realms of Harpshield and Talmost, which border the Ardeep Forest west of the ruins of Delimbiyran, are ravaged and burned.

950 DR Year of the Doomguard
Cult of the Dragon [ 916, 962] cells number near one hundred at this time, the height of Cult power across Faerûn since the organization’s inception.

955 DR Year of the Telltale Candle
Orcgates Affair: The mages of the Covenant [ 797, 976] gather a great, armed host from the human settlements of the North to confront an orc horde massing in the Spine of the World. In a move known as the Orcgates Affair, the Red Wizards [ 934, 976] of Thay magically transport the horde far to the south by means of great portals. The North is spared much devastation, and the failure of the orcs to appear deals a significant blow to the influence and prestige of the Covenant.

956 DR Year of the Crooked Finger
Shatterhorn is sundered by the yuan-ti god Merrshaulk’s displeasure with the religious leaders there and their inability to drive back the advance of humanity; the yuan-ti presence in the area dwindles to a shadow of its former glory.

962 DR Year of the Shandon Veil
The Cult of the Dragon [ 950, 971] reaches farther south than ever before with the creation of a cell in, around, and beneath the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach

973 DR Year of the Emptied Lair
A horde of Crinti (half-drow) shadow marauders rides from Dambrath through the Nath Pass to raid towns in Halruaa, sparking a series of skirmishes between the two countries that lasts four years.

992 DR Year of the Watching Helm
Seeing a need for accurate recordkeeping and heraldic arbitration to “anchor” civilization and maintain clear communications, the Harpers [ 916, 1021] found the Heralds of Faerûn [ 1116]. The Harpers fight against rulers and brigands who falsely use the blazons of others to blame them for ill deeds, but the maintenance of lineages and rolls of blazonry (primarily for purposes of settling inheritances) is conducted by the Heralds, who become increasingly
widespread and influential because their closely-guarded impartiality wins trust across the Realms.

That includes the middle span of the timeline. You can find the last bits in the following document.

Regional Timeline Part 2

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