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The Obliging Articles on Chult
and its surrounds.

The Following articles, treatise and excerpts have been organized into volumes presented for easier digestion. As with digestion of any sort I must recommend a fine ale, readers choice of course. If I could be so bold as to make a suggestion, perhaps Caldera Cream Ale. I’ve just recently completed a limited batch.

Volume I: Histories, Chronicles and Important Events

These events are presented with as much accuracy and legitimacy as their sources. Enjoy this compiled histories and list of current events. I’ve also included the Chultan Exploration Societies chronicle log within this volume and will be updating it as I receive word.
Regional Timeline
Regional Timeline Part 2
Regional Timeline Part 3

Recent Events
Chronicles of the Chultan Exploration Society

Volume II: Religion, Magic, Economy, and Technology

What follows are several guides to help those from outside Faerun or even Toril understand the state of Faerun.
Pantheon of the Realms
Magic of the Realms
Trade amongst the lands of Southern Faerun
Advancements and Innovations of Wonder

Volume III: Geography, Nations, and Cultures

The first article in this volume concerns itself with but a brief overview of the areas along the Great Sea up and around to Amn. Although Waterdeep in its northern neighbors can not be dismissed as a main instigator of trade from this region, it goes beyond the scope of these articles to define those far reaches. It could be argued such far off lands as Durpar or Zakhara should also go undefined, yet those regions are what make the end of the Chultan Peninsula such an interesting trade stop.
An Overview of the Region.
The Lands North of Chult
The Vastness of the Great Sea
The Mysterious Island States of Nimbral and Lantan
The Myriad of Cultures, Countries and Creatures east along the Great Sea
The Lands Below

Volume IV: Miscellanea

There is no good definition of what this volume will contain. All will be invaluable to the new arrival or veteran alike. Enjoy this eclectic mix of information.
Races of Faerun
Quick Rule References
House Rules
Credits and Sources

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