House Rules

The Following house rules are in effect in our games. We use Pathfinder core rules supplemented with most of 3.5 sourcebooks and material. Very little of what is out there is excluded.


Each session every player gets 1 Fate Point. Clerics get 2. Fate Points can be spent as free actions on a player’s character or an ally. Fate Points can do one of the following (once spent, a Fate Point is gone forever):

1) Heal 25 hps.
2) Heal all ability score damage to one ability.
3) Autoconfirm a critical hit.
4) Max damage on an attack.
5) Increase a spell’s range by 10 feet (unless it’s Self or Touch).
6) Activiate an alias (see below).
7) Trade 10 Fate Points for 1 feat.
8) Add current Level as a bonus to attack rolls.


Once a stronghold is built, players can create aliases. An alias is another character controlled by the player. Players can only play one character at a time, so unused characters become NPCs and are generally assumed to be back at the stronghold.

An alias increases in experience alongside a player’s main character, so any experience points earned by one character is given to them all (for example, if one character earns 1,000xp during an adventure, all aliases also gain 1,000xp).

In order to create an alias, the stronghold must have a suitable area for that character’s class(es). For example, if you wish to create a rogue, the stronghold must have a training area for a rogue’s still; an alchemist must have an alchemist’s lab; and so on.

An alias must first be activiated by the expenditure of a Fate Point. An alias begins play at a level equal to your main character’s level. An alias does not count against followers and cohorts granted from the Leadership feat.

Aliases cannot get the Leadership or Landowner feats.

UPDATE: As of Session Fourteen, the players have a stronghold built in Cauldron and are now eligible to make aliases.

House Rules

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