Calendar of Events


The calendar was created by the wizard Harptos, although most people associate the word “Harptos” with the calendar. It was split into twelve months, each lasting three tendays (or thirty days). There were an additional five days that fell between months, bringing the total number of days in most years to 365.

The Months are as follows:
1 Hammer Deepwinter
2 Alturiak The Claw of Winter
3 Ches The Claw of the Sunsets
4 Tarsakh The Claw of the Storms
5 Mirtul The Melting
6 Kythorn The Time of Flowers
7 Flamerule Summertide
8 Elesias Highsun
9 Eleint The Fading
10 Marpenoth Leaffall
11 Uktar The Rotting
12 Nightal The Drawing Down


The following is an abridged account of the campaign so far. The full synopses are farther down, complete with screenshots and visuals. This also includes important events from around the Forgotten Realms starting with the beginning of this year…

1356, Year of the Worm


There is fierce fighting in the Sword Coast lands just south of Waterdeep. Dragonspear Castle has been besieged and set afire by the troop of Waterdeep, but devils are loose in the Open Marches and there is no safe travel thereabouts. The merchant kingdom of Amn is said to be massing armies along its northern borders.
A fighting-band from Tilver’s Gap, battling with orcs in the south of Daggerdale, was pursued into the mountains, and there in a hidden valley found a ruined fortress tower where they took shelter. The orcs set watch on the tower, but did not enter. The band found gold and a magical, glowing sword in the ruin, but were chased out by a horrible eye-covered monster. Upon the band.s return to Tilver’s Gap the sword bearer, a temple servant named Barach Hilthone, refused to give the blade to the temple of Gond, proclaiming it his own booty. Several members of the fighting-band have disappeared in Tilverton since their return, and tensions in that town are said to have increased over the incident.


The wizards of Zhentil Keep are rumored to have discovered or devised strange new magic, for in Lord Manshoon’s court this winter have been displayed effects and demonstrations of a like not seen before in the known Realms. Powerful illusions, the summoning and control of elemental creatures such as wind walkers and xorn, and weird necromantic experiments are some of the things that have been reported.


Selfaril, High Blade of Mulmaster, is said to be seeking a wife: Tharchioness, First Princess of Thay. The young, baldheaded Tharchioness has sent a golden earring soaked in her perfume to Selfaril, and he has sent her in return a cloak of snow-white yeti fur. Having thus exchanged gifts, they may now visit together with no gossip or scandal, instead of only through envoys, and yet part honorably, if they do not wish marriage, according to Thayian custom. Selfaril wants Thay as an ally, and dares not spite its ancient customs.
To the south of old, vast Thay, the even more ancient kingdom of Mulhorand has been jolted in the past year: the Statues That Walk have begun to move once more. Over a thousand stone statues of time-lost origin stand all about this dusky-hilled country. At odd but long separated intervals these stone men animate and walk about, apparently towards specific (nowvanished?) destinations. They stop at times and then move on again, fight any who bar their way or attack them, and at times hew at rocks or clear pathways through certain areas. This latter behavior is a frightening thing when these areas are many-towered cities, or tanglewood forests. The stone men are mute and apparently non-intelligent, and no one has yet found a way to control them. Some have crossed through the border walls into Thay as well as into Unther, a desert land that lies south and west of Mulhorand. Tholaunt, Divine Precept of Mulhorand (one of the god-kings of Mulhorand) says the coming of the Statues to life is not his doing nor that of any of his family, as far as he can tell, and adds that the power of control the Status is not known to his family. Some have whispered of strife within his family, though, and say that the Statues may be under the control of another.
The Red Wizards of Thay have sent legions of elementals against rebellious neighboring satraps, and destroyed four of them utterly, taking those lands under Thay.s banner. It is thought that such vast numbers of elementals could not be summoned by spell, but rather a gate or portal was opened directly to the plane of elemental fire.
Marchayn of Archendale, the feared Mad Witch of the Thunder Peaks, has been found in her citadel, mindless and drooling, amidst chaos. All about her tower lay the dead bodies of the orcs (and worse) that served her, and much of her tower is now a fireblackened shell. The herdsman who found her reported to merchants of Arabel that Marchayn (who soon died and whose body was burned by the herdsman) repeated endlessly, Dove! Dove! Smashed the black star . . .Dove!


Savage fighting continues in the Open Marches about the blazing ruin of Dragonspear Castle. A sorcerous mist has arisen and cloaked the land for a tenday now, but within it small companies of men and goblins and devils still clash. Caravan travel in the vicinity has turned aside, south to Baldur’s Gate. Amn’s armies have gathered on its northern border but have not yet moved into a fray. It is rumored in Waterdeep that all of the master mage Khelben’s magic cannot dispel the strange mist. The fearsome carcasses of slain devils have been carried in triumph through the streets of the city. Some fear a way has been opened between the Nine Hells themselves and our world, as more or more reports of devils seen in greater numbers than ever before come to the city.
With the spring thaws Cormyr has sent a small army east from High Horn toward Tilver’s Gap. It is known that the army is to use Tilver’s Gap as a base for fighting the increasingly numerous goblins and orcs who have overrun Daggerdale and now threaten Tilver’s Gap, Mistledale, and Shadowdale. It is not known whether the army comes at the initiative of Azoun IV, or whether
Tilver’s Gap has sought aid by diplomatic means, by an offer of gold from the rich temple of Gond located there, or if Tilver’s Gap is being annexed by Cormyr voluntarily or against its will.
Shadowdale has repulsed an attack from Zhentil Keep. A tiny army of adventurers, villagers, and elves inflicted very heavy losses on an attacking army that outnumbered them by more than four to one. It is rumored that an insect plague raged over the battlefield, and it is known that woods near the dale were set afire. No formal declaration of war or comment on the battle has been made by either side in the conflict. Shadowdale’s new Lord, Doust Sulwood, who came from the west (some say Cormyr, others Waterdeep or even Moonshae Isles) last year with the Pendant of Ashaba to claim the high seat, is as yet largely a mystery. Most of the dales and clergy have dispatched envoys to him.
The adventurers’ band led by the fighter Mane, formerly resident in Shadowdale, have disappeared in the south. There is talk of their defeat and death in the Yuirwood, but others say they have fallen in battle with the Red Wizards in Thay, or even that Mane has become chieftain and war leaders of the nomads of the Shaar. Nothing is certain, however; all is speculation.
The city of Melvaunt is the scene of unprecedented shipbuilding activity. Over sixty vessels of all sizes are being constructed along the shoreline, having spilled both east and west out of the workshops for lack of space. It is not known who is paying for the vessels or for what purposes they are intended, but observers say at least four of the large vessels have ram-spire hulls.
A new merchant alliance calling itself the Iron Throne has sent letters to the rulers of Cormyr, Sembia, and strategic cities such as Hillsfar, announcing its formation and its intent to control overland trade in all weapons and equipment used in transport and commerce within its area of operations, bowing to no monarch, but not intended to wage war or become unto a monarch itself. No reply has come from the recipients of said missives, but it is thought they are not pleased. Taraskh 13: Campaign begins. Dallen Yadwrick along with his companions, Seoni and Lini, begin searching for the missing townsfolk of Cauldron. Their search leads them to the ancient gnome enclave of Jzaridune. There they meet two mysterious half-elves, Fario and Fellian, who join them in their quest. After taking some ferocious damage from Jzaridune’s trapped gear doors, they decide to rest for the night…

Taraskh 14: The following day, the group continues their dungeon delve and eventually come upon the Malachite Fortress, the ancient stronghold of the dwarf crusader, Zenith Splintershield. They free some of the kidnapped villagers but are soon brought low by the half-troll/half-fiend Kazmojen (and his howler, Prickles). However, they are saved by an unlikely benefactor: a terrible beholder, who kills Prickles and demands the return of one of the kidnapped orphans: Terram, a young human boy. Dallen and his badly battered companions head back to the surface with the kidnap victims they managed to save…

Taraskh 15: After getting more rest, Dallen and his companions return to the Malachite Fortress to bring Kazmojen and his cronies to justice. They kill him and save more of the kidnapped townsfolk. They lock Kazmojen’s right-hand man, a hobgoblin named Zarkad, in the Malachite Fortress’s dungeon…

Taraskh 16: The next day, the heroes meet with the Captain of Cauldron’s city guard, Terseon Skellerang, to explain what had happened. They soon learn that Cauldron has been suffering from goblin vandal attacks. That night, they stake out an area (and are soon caught up with by one of Dallen’s old companions, Drace Arlica, fellow pirate of Sasserine) and follow one of these goblins to a local establishment: Orak’s Bathhouse, owned by Orak Stonehaven, a retired dwarf adventurer. The heroes delve beneath Orak’s Bathhouse and defeat the goblins and their vampiric bugbear master, Drakthar. They also learn that Drakthar was a middle-man between half-orc mercenaries and one of the nobles of Cauldron, who was attempting to smuggle this small army in secretly…

Taraskh 17: The annual Flood Festival begins the following day. The PCs rub shoulders with nobles at the Demonskar Ball and particpate in many of the games and events throughout Cauldron. They also meet two new companions: Deanna the cleric and Pirg the barbarian. Toward the end of the evening they are contacted by Jeanna, who sends them off to the Lucky Monkey to save the High Priest of her order, Sarcem.

Taraskh 20: The party arrives at the Lucky Monkey Inn after a 3-day journey. They defeat many members of the Hill Folk and Alleybasher thieve guilds but are too late to save Sarcem, who has been murdered by a werebaboon named Tongueeater, who is also part of a mysterious cult, the Ebon Triad. After saving a drow prisoner (Shensen, who reveals she is an ally to Fario and Fellians), the PCs head back to Cauldron, searching for wands of control water stolen by the cult…

Taraskh 23: The party arrives back in Cauldron. Jenya uses her communion spell to discover the missing wands of control water are beneath Cauldron in some kopru ruins. The PCs head to it immediately. While in its depths, they encounter many more members of both the Hill Folk and Alleybasher thieve guilds, and more members of the Ebon Triad. Seoni is killed by a halfling sorcerer named Skaven. Soon a new ally arrives, sent by Jenya: Dolgar Hammersdam. Though they manage to find all of the wands, Pirg is also killed (slain by a horrible undead known as a spawn of Kyuss).

Taraskh 24: The next day a meeting is held at Cauldron’s Town Hall. The Stormblade adventurers are given credit for the PCs’ accomplishment. Dallen (who had been drinking heavily due to Seoni’s death) storms off angrily. He runs into Fario, Fellian, and the drow whom they had rescued, Shensen. They tell them that they must hurry to the Keep of Adlerweg, far to the southeast. They must be warned of an impending attack by a fire giant and his army. Dallen and his companions agree to the quest…

Taraskh 30: After 6 days of traveling, the PCs arrive at the Keep of Adlerweg, only to find that it had already been taken over by gnolls. Drace shows up late, as he had tarried behind, though he brings with him a new companion: Krag the human fighter. They kill the gnolls and free the only survivors of the garrison, who warn them that the fire giant army is approaching. They prepare the defenses. Soon the fire giant, Skaithen, and his large hobgoblin army arrive in force. A fierce battle ensues. Though they put forth an epic effort, the heroes are forced to flee before the might of Skaithen…


The Simbul, the infamous dweomercrafter who rules Aglarond, appears to have left her court shapechanged (possibly as a cat or falcon) and vanished. Upon her high seat she left a signed letter directing her Council to govern Aglarond wisely, and dispose of several specific matters (no details are known) thus and so. It is thought she may have headed north to speak with the elves (with whom she has an uneasy alliance), and/or to observe events in the strategic Dalelands, where there are rumors of war both between Zhentil Keep and the northern dales and between Scardale and its neighbors, as well as the sudden announcement of the formation of the mysterious Iron Throne. The Simbul is known for her unpredictable behavior and mastery of magic, and the tale most often told of her is her unaided destruction of The Red Sword mercenary company at Mistbridge.
Drow have been seen in the hills around Kulta and Daerlun, in Sembia, and again in the High Dale. The High Constable’s patrols out of High Dale report a confused night encounter on the slopes of Hooknose Crag. A Sembian merchant reports that a band of monkey-faced, black-haired creatures with glossy mail armor and glowing swords fell upon a caravan he was part of on the East Way, just east of Thunder Gap, and like swarming cats slew all who offered resistance, in less than a minute’s fighting.
Huge balls of fire, four or five in number, appeared in the sky above the Towers of the Blade in Mulmaster one night a tenday ago. There was a battle involving magic within, and rumor has it the Simbul, ruler of Aglarond and a mage of great power, was involved. The Simbul disappeared from her own kingdom a short time ago.
The Iron Throne has announced that it will not oppose the sale and transport of weapons and other goods intended for use against the goblins raiding out of the Desertsedge. It warns, however, that use of such weaponry within the dalelands will result in sanctions against the aggressor(s). The merchant Thond of Wyvernwater has made himself known as a spokesman for the group. Thond is a middle-aged, respectable dealer in wood and the boat building trade, and is said to have magical powers. He owns large reaches of the woods around Wyvernwater. The rulers of Shadowdale, Mistledale, and Tilver’s Gap have all publicly refused to support the Iron Throne alliance.
The armies of Amn have turned back wandering devils at their borders, and have pursued them north, charging into the fray. Devils of all sorts appear to be growing even more numerous in the disputed field. Reports from Waterdeep indicate that the Wood of the Moon Elves is a blazing ruin. It is not known if the elves are fled, all slain, or fighting on. The mist over the region still holds. Overland travel north of Amn’s borders has almost ceased; Baldur’s Gate is virtually under seige, and bands of orcs, trolls, bugbears and hobgoblins, accompanied by devils and powerful mages, have been reported in the Troll Moors. The village of Triboar, north of Waterdeep, was ransacked almost a month previous, and the population of such small northern towns has fled north to Mirabar, Silverymoon, and coastal ports.

Mirtul 3: Three days after leaving the Keep of Alderweg, our heroes arrive at Redgorge, warning the lady mayor of the fire giant. They in turn are made aware of many orcs gathering in the southern jungles… They stay three days to rest.

Mirtul 9: The heroes arrive in Cauldron and learn of an impending trial for both Keygan Ghelve and Orak Stonehaven. Thanks mainly to Dallen, who rushes to their defense, they are found not guilty of conspiracy. The heroes then spend the next week and a half resting, buying supplies, and other plans…

Mirtul 20: An umber hulk appears out of thin air and attacks the players. After destroying it, the players are invited to the Cusp of Sunrise by a noble woman named Celeste.

Mirtul 21: The players attend the Cusp of Sunrise and are hired by Davked Splintershield, father of the famed missing dwarf warrior Zenith Splintershield, to find his missing son. They accept. Dallen also speaks with Baron Tranth, Baron of Bloodstone Village, who says he will call upon him one day…

Mirtul 22: The heroes head north, following a map provided to them by Celeste leading to the hut of Crazy Jared.

Mirtul 23: One day and 40 miles later, the heroes arrive at Crazy Jared’s just as it is being attacked by a young red dragon (Gottrod). After killing the dragon, the heroes are teleported to the Pit of the Seven Jaws (entrance to the Underdark) by Crazy Jared. In the Underdark, they discover the kuo toa lair wherein they believe Zenith Splintershield is being held. They find a babbling Zenith Splintershield who keeps calling Dallen “brother” and going on about their “father’s throne.” They kill the black dragon Dhorlot—called the Dragon Father—and capture Zenith. Unfortunately, Zenith is killed by a lightning bolt trap as they attempt to leave the dangerous place.

Mirtul 24: Arrive back in Cauldron. Return Zenith’s body to his father, Davked. Dallen gains followers and a cohort.


Prices of all luxury items in Waterdeep have risen rapidly with the war, and shortages are beginning to affect all of the cities of the North. The wild harvests of hay and brushwood customarily brought in to Waterdeep from the High Moors are of course destroyed, and are missing. The wild grains grown in the open close by Triboar are also gone, and much food that is usually available is reserved for the armies in the field. Shiploads of mercenaries from the south and east are arriving in Waterdeep daily, headed for the mistshrouded field. Caravans are tending south through Calimshan, avoiding Amn and the lands west of Cormyr.
Rumors have been heard of a bloody skirmish around the fortress of High Horn, in which orcs and hobgoblins out of the mountains and the Stonelands were beaten off by a large force of horse-archers and lancers, Cormyr regulars who issued forth to protect a caravan. Seventy-six men died, and a hundred and twelve orcs were slain. Tessaril Winter, Lord of Eveningstar, has called on Azoun IV for reinforcements to keep the village and roads nearby safe from orcs and trolls raiding out of the Stonelands.
A small army of Cormyr now holds Tilver’s Gap, having slaughtered .many thousands. of orcs. Tilverton has been relieved, but its government left untouched. Merchants leaving the nowsafe town after over a month of virtual siege report that Cormyr has offered to annex Tilverton, but not demanded or enforced a takeover, and that the High Priest Gharri of Ghond, Elder of the town, has not yet decided to accept or reject the offer.
The temple of Bane in Voonlar was sacked and burned by a small force from Shadowdale, led by the Lord of Shadowdale and his adventuring companions. No fighting or pillaging occurred in Voonlar itself. The attack was specifically on the temple, and envoys of Shadowdale have since apologized to priests of the nearby temple of Chauntea (and, through them, to the good people of Voonlar) for any upset and inconvenience. The troops from Shadowdale engaged in magical combat with the priests of Bane, and although some of the most powerful clerics are said to have escaped to Zhentil Keep by means of magic, others are known to have perished, and the men of Shadowdale seized much gold, and took almost 500 prisoners (minor priests, adherents, lay worshippers, and guards of the temple). Far more people than the folk of Voonlar ever suspected were in the temple complex. The Lord Doust Sulwood says that the attack is in retaliation for a recent attack on Shadowdale by Lyran of Melvaunt, who led troops of Zhentil Keep supported by priests of Bane.
Dragons have attacked dales and cities in the Moonsea and Dalelands as they once did of old, leaving much ruin and devastation. Many dragons flew south and west from the glaciers beyond Thar, landing at many of the cities of men in fearless daylight attacks. Phlan is now a smoking ruin, home to one Great Worm. Melvaunt was attacked by a smaller drake that .tumbled the towers. of the walls, and now holds sway over much of the city. One dragon flew to the Citadel of the Raven; no word has come back of subsequent events there. In the wreckage of the city streets of Zhentil Keep a monstrous worm is
presently embattled by the armies and arts of Lords Manshoon and Chess, while fires rage unchecked. Yulash is completely ruined, reduced to tumbled stone, scarred and lifeless by a dragon that later came to Shadowdale. A great fire in the elven woods was doused by the elves after they slew a dragon landing there, with heavy losses. The awesome body of the largest
Worm of all lies half-submerged in the waters of the harbor at Hillsfar, where it fell, slain by the mages of the city. In Shadowdale, the witch Sylune perished in combat with the dragon, and it is said she broke a magic staff to destroy the great worm. At least three dragons are known to have survived the attack. The reasons for this flight of dragons is a mystery, and cannot with certainty yet be deemed the work of some Dragon Cult, the secretive cult that holds that undead dragons should and will rule the world.
A corpse washed up on the beach just west of Hillsfar has been pronounced by the eminent sage Auvidarus to be definitely that of one of the legendary githyanki, a race said to visit the Realms only seldom, from another plane.
Raithspur, Captain of the Guard of Ordulin, has issued a decree banning elvenkind, including golden and moon elves, and the half-elven, from Sembian soil. No formal reason has been given for the ban, but it is said that the Councillors of Ordulin fear elves of other sorts are aiding and concealing a Drow invasion of Sembia.s remoter areas.
Hlethl of Battledale and merchants of Essembra have separately reported that they have encountered no elves in recent days. Upon investigation, the nearby elven woods seem deserted.
Nothing more is yet known…

Kythorn 1: The party is approached by Fellian, Fario, and Shensen and asked to investigate the tomb of Acererak, a long-dead wizard who worshiped Orcus the Demon Prince of the Undead, and learn how this is connected to the Cagewrights and Shackleborn. They head out to the Tomb of Acererak immediately.

Kythorn 8: After a week of traveling through jungle and swamp, the party reaches the tomb. Dallen is brought close to death by a mutant 4-armed gargoyle. After destroying the 4-armed mutant gargoyle and bringing Dallen back to consciousness, two old friends arrived to help—Lini and Kyra. Lini brought with her a new animal companion—the snow leopard Droogami. Dolgar took his leave, heading back to the Chultan House in Cauldron to update everyone on what is happening.

The four companions (Dallen, Drace, Kyra, and Lini) then continued the search of the Tomb of Horrors. They eventually come upon a lich, and after a terrible battle decide to rest for a night in its chamber to recover, and read the journal of a dead dwarf they discovered…

Kyrthorn 9: Current spot of the campaign…

Calendar of Events

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