Acren "Dunjun" Dova

human magus/fighter


While construction of the Chultan Common House was under way a strange thing happened. While the masons and carpenters toiled amid the foundations of the Common House, a man burst through a foundation wall that had been constructed, followed by a cloud of thick ashen smoke. Seemingly from out of nowhere. He was covered from head to toe in pitch black soot and was dressed in strange attire that was unfamiliar to the inhabitants of the Common House. The tunnel that he had come through had collapsed behind him. He carried a large emerald jewel that was wrapped in a sleek metallic form of a dragon. The emerald covered in fine golden filigree. It stood out in stark contrast to his blackened form, which made it obvious that the relic did not belong to him…

He claims to be from another place. A world that is composed of land masses that float through the sky as clouds do. Where air ships travel to and fro like the common sea going vessels of Farun. Where men have harnessed the power of steam and clockwork to create massive feats of engineering.

Who this man really is and where he came from is still a mystery…maybe what he says is true.

When the members of the CSE return from their latest quest, Acren decides that it is time to begin his quest to find out where he is, how he got here, and how to find is way home…

His strange plate armor that adorns his breast and shoulders are claimed to be ripped from fallen “War-jacks” He speaks with an accent that is foreign to all in the Chultan Common house and as far as anyone can tell foreign to the whole of Farun. He wields a large instrument he refers to as his “Steamo”. A large bladed pipe wrench of sorts. And a large shield of an unknown make, adorned with a network of cogs and wheels engraved with ornate line-work and gilded in all manner of precious metal. Though a sight to behold, and beautiful still, it is dented and tarnished from heavy use. Around his neck he wears a large chain with numerous cogs. Each made of a different material. Heavily worn goggles rest on his head. His entire ensemble is covered in a heavy leather long coat, burned and frayed here and there. Branded on the left breast of the coat, the name DUNJUN…

Another Day, Just like all of the rest…

I think uncovering the emerald might be my final undoing. I was lured by its potential, not knowing what its possession truly meant. It has opened doors that should have never existed. And I went through those doors. Gods only know how many doors it has closed. The door home…

Big day tomorrow. The gun toting Drace has decide to plant roots and settle down with the Lady Jessa. Can’t say I blame him. The life we lead doesn’t permit the ideas of home and happiness. Two things that I fear will escape me for the rest of my days. Though, and even greater fear is that the emerald will never let my days end. I will have no repose from life.

Not even the Kelvic Syndicate can end it. They think it is theirs but the emerald has made it clear as to who its true owner is…but I digress.

Cauldron is where I shall remain for the time being and I must make the best of it. It seems to be a place that is caught up in some kind of turmoil, and the fellows here at the Chultan house have taken it upon themselves to clear it up.

The emerald may have taken so much away from me but I still have my loyalty and honor. And as such I will help my new friends in their endeavors.

With any luck this will be the last thing I do…

When was I???

The hall is now littered with the recently deceased and their rank odor is only getting worse. Better them than us.

I felt it in the last moments of the battle. Just as i have so many times in the past and future. The feeling of being peeled away from reality. Something I will never get used to. But I will adjust as well as I can. The fate of my new companions might just depend on it.
The leather bound grimore that hangs from my belt serves as a reminder of where I went.

Or rather, when.

It seems so foreign yet familiar all the while.

Impossible to know if this is who I always was or who I was meant to be.

None the less it IS what I am now.

Moving on…

Where is this Tercival??

Acren "Dunjun" Dova

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